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About Addiction

Addiction is a severe disease irrespective of substances and habits. It affects a person physically, mentally and spiritually. But you can overcome with time and effort.


About Recovery

Recovery process is ongoing and it carries on after you abstain from drugs and alcohol. Regular meetings and staying with clean addicts, really help.


Safe and Hygienic Surrounding

We maintain complete safety and high level of hygiene supported with excellent quality of clean water and food. Regular cleaning is done with care. 


Maintaining Therapeutic Approach

We believe that every individual is worthy of respect. Hence, we give high value on careful listening, empathy and support. We also provide aftercare, seriously.

About Us

Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre Barasat Kolkata

At Barasat Life Foundation, we treat people facing lots of problems and suffering badly from drug addiction, alcoholism and also having mild psychological diseases. Here we provide a nice and cool environment where these kind of people can think of what they can do to reorganize their lives, away from from the hustle and bustle of a city life. 

At Barasat Life Foundation people with following drug abuse are commonly seen and treated. Such as, Nicotine, Marijuana, Heroin, LSD, Inhalants, Prescription drug abuse like sleeping pills, Injecting drug abusers


Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre Barasat Kolkata 

Is it possible to effectively cure addiction?
Addiction is a disease that can be treated, yes. Research on the science of addiction and the management of drug use disorders has produced evidence-based interventions known as “recovery,” which assist individuals in quitting drugs and returning to productive lives.

Is it possible to recover from addiction?
Treatment for addiction is a means of managing the problem rather than a cure, much like care for other chronic illnesses like asthma or heart disease. Through treatment, people can reclaim control of their lives and counteract the destructive effects of addiction on their brain and behavior.

Our Services

Treatment Facility for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Barasat Life Foundation is a place where we treat drug addicted and alcoholic people with proper recovery guidelines offered by Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous. We also support mild psychiatric patients with full care and clinical treatment.

Boosting Physical & Mental Health

Our treatment facility is designed mainly to boost up suffering addicts mentally and physically. Different sessions, discussions and classes in regular manner slowly and steadily help addicts and alcoholics to step into real life scenario and mix up for good.

Treating Mild Psychological Disorder

It is really hard to deal with people suffering from different types of psychological disorder. But we keep an open mind and support not only by giving medical aid but also with lots of love, care and empathy. We try to create a strong bond with daily activities.

Counselling & Aftercare

An addict or alcoholic needs more that few months treatment in a treatment facility. Proper counselling and after care is an integral part of the recovery program. If you are not in touch with our community then you tend to forget your sufferings and the disease.


As a father I am really happy that my son is normal now. He has gone back to work and doing good.
Mr. Gupta
I thank you all for giving me such proper guidelines to grow further. Thank you all.
My son is doing well and promised me to keep in touch with you people. Thank you for your efforts.
Mr. T. K. Roy
Barasat, West Bengal