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We at Barasat Life Foundation, try and assist a suffering person and based on request we even fetch the addict from any place told by their guardians or family members. The treatment facility is provided in few stages starting from detoxification, inhouse recovery management sessions, obtaining different day to day activities, sessions, classes, taking the inventory and so on.

Treatment For Alcoholics Nadia Barasat North 24 Parganas Kolkata

It is a fact that the city of Kolkata and its outskirts has a tangible problem of drug abuse, affecting largely the group of people who are economically weak. The issue is further complicated by the influx of migrant workers from neighboring rural areas. Being a port and also an international airport, it is also a significant entry point for narcotics from the ‘Golden Triangle’. Kolkata, due to it’s close proximity of the northeastern states of Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland, injecting drugs has become a general mode of drug abuse. Consequently, HIV affliction among the drug abusers is already a matter of growing concern. We are keeping a very good eye on this issues and fighting hard to bring more people in recovery, among people who are coming to us.


Today there are thousands of street children, daily labors and rag pickers who are into this injecting drug problem. They spend their entire earning on drugs or alcohol and become prone to committing crimes like theft, shoplifting, snatching and armed robbery. They also sometimes get driven to extreme situations like, selling their blood and organs and committing murder for money to procure the substances they are addicted to. Poverty, easy access to drugs, high cost of treatment centers and the large number of street-addicts have resulted in a crisis situation, which needs to be tackled on a war footing.

You can get in touch with us very easily. Admission counselors are available 24X7 at: Helpline : 9883824659 

E-mail : enquiry@barasatlifefoundation.com