Maintaining Therapeutic


With experience we have seen that a therapeutic approach is required right from the start while dealing with people who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. A caring appeal with pure empathy and so called soft dealing methods are required to come close to such people. It actually starts happening when the suffering addict realizes that he will be properly treated and taken care of with an understanding of the current situation and sufferings of a particular person undergoing treatment. The suffering addict or an alcoholic then slowly opens up as he starts thinking that he is in safe hands and would be taken care of with whatever problems he or she is having in the current scenario. Regular visits from family or close friends are also to be considered as a part of the treatment as family counselling. Overall it can or rather will be a long process but with patience and tolerance it should be handled by center staffs, counsellors and others who are in the treatment facility and of course in close touch with the clients.